The new generation sludge recovery

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CLEEF SYSTEM provides an innovative process, a contribution to the energy transition, to manufacturers, local authorities and wastewater treatment plant operators :

  • Optimal recovery of sludge and used oils and grease
  • Energy-positive process
  • Removal of the nuisances induced by the sludge recovery (odor, transportation)
  • Efficient alternative to fossil fuels

The CLEEF process presents important operational assets for its users :

  • Limited footprint and on-site ease of use
  • Guaranteed marketing chain



The CLEEF process enables to extract the water contained in the sludge with a very low energy consumption resulting in the production of the high calorific value CLEEF biofuel.

10 millions

10 million tons of waste water sludge are produced each year in France. Out of those 10 million tonnes of sludge, 8 million are made of water which reduce the recovery potential of the sludge.

100 tonnes

100 tons of sludge transformed by the CLEEF process allows to produce a fuel that can supply 222 MWh thermal energy, the annual heating energy needed for 33 inhabitants.


1000 kg of sludge with 20 % of dry matter produce 370 kg of CLEEF biofuel with a high calorific value.



27-30 November 2018 Stand 6-K26, J26

October 2017

Find our press release: –Press release

October 2017

Inauguration of CLEEF demonstrator on Roussillon’s chemical platform.

May 2017

CLEEF SYSTEM finishes the implementation of his industrial demonstrator on Roussillon’s chemical site.